Wood Signs & Gifts

Laser engraving offers a world of possibilities and the effect on wood is truly something to behold, as it cuts a message and taps into the unique colours and textures available with different woods.

Your personalisation isn’t just limited to the message you want, but can extend to the shape of the product too, with a range of woods available for cutting and shaping by our lasers.

We can engrave your message on a range of gift products too, from wooden picture frames (perfect for a wedding gift) to coaster sets with your own designs for that special commemorative gift.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch and if you want to see the effect for yourself, ask for one of our wonderful, ‘Round Tuit’ coasters – a great example of engraved wood and something fun for your desk.

We can engrave almost any piece of wood up to a size of 300 x 600 mm and the finished product can be paint-filled to help the message really stand out. So, if it’s time for a new sign for the gate, or a nameplate for your house, send your design and we’ll happily work out a quote and delivery date.

If you would like to know more or you're ready to place an order

call us on 0121 323 2372 or email sales@plantfacts.co.uk