The reason for wearing name badges is obvious, whether it’s in a shop, office, conference or exhibition and that is to let people know the name of the badge wearer. It can also help establish which department the individual works for, or indeed which organisation and importantly, you’ll find it serves as a useful way to grow your brand.

Each member of staff is an extension of the company they work for and their name badge should deliver a degree of professionalism and reflect the quality of service expected from customer-facing businesses.
Name badges work best when they are consistent in appearance and everyone in the business from senior management to shop staff get involved and wear their badges with pride.

An overlooked benefit of the humble staff name badge is the feeling it gives the wearer. A good name badge makes the wearer feel part of a team, which promotes a greater awareness of what they should and shouldn’t do whilst in uniform. People tend to give more to a job, when they feel the company is investing in their future, not a feeling re-usable or badges with no name will instil in the wearer.

And don’t think the badge can only have the wearer’s name and title on there, along with the company logo of course – the possibilities are endless. Why not add a nickname, the wearer’s favourite song, if music is played in the shop; add their favourite holiday destination if they work in a travel agents and if you sell pizza, add the wearer’s topping of choice.

It’s not just a bit of fun either, it immediately tells customers a little bit about the ethos of the business and the realisation that the relationships between customers and employees, however fleeting, make a big difference to the bottom line.

When a business requires a more formal approach, then drop the humour and stick to the full name and title, if appropriate, to again tell customers that this is a business that understands the need to be professional. Adding the wearer’s photo can be useful for security purposes and if you need ID badges, we can sort those for you too.

When considering name badges for your business, the first decision you need to make is formal, or informal badges, or if you are truly innovative, choose both. Not every situation for every member of staff is the same, there will be times when each badge is appropriate and is it really too much to ask for an employee to have two badges?

Whatever you decide, we can help you design the badge and even help with ideas to help your badges be less formal, with an appropriate shape or a funny line. Get in touch and we’ll get the ball rolling today.